The Flying Frog Cafe
A Fine Dining Restaurant
Featuring boutique wines
served with fine Continental, German, and
Urban Indian Cuisine.


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The Flying Frog Cafe
1 Battery Park Ave
Asheville NC 28801
828.225.4858 fax
(This E-mail is for information only, for reservations please call the number listed above.)

National Reviews:

"Chefs are artists in the sense of the word. Their medium is food, and all of the artist's tools of design are present-form, color, tone, line, texture-but a new set of sensory variables-aroma and taste-takes experiences to a whole new level for both the artist and the beholder. Gifted chefs by nature are linear and creative at the same time, analytical and detailed, but abstract, and conceptual thinkers. Most of the chefs I've encountered are eccentric and fascinating because of their depth and breadth of skill, and Executive Chef/Partner Vijay Shastri from The Flying Frog Café is at the extreme end of the spectrum in talent and personality. Vijay is not only the quintessential host and entertainer, his culinary talents, wine knowledge and ability to develop some of the most creative fusion cuisine in the country is off the chartsŠit's not surprising The Flying Frog has received rave review from USA Today, The New York Times, Southern Living, and the Washingtonian."
-Katherine Stephan, Charlotte Taste, Feb/March 2005

"Vijay created a sampling of his three favorite cuisines at the new restaurant. Dinner at the Flying Frog transports patrons to India, France, or Cajun country with a flip of a menu page. In the creative hands of Chef Vijay, the restaurant continues to leap to the top of the city's best dining establishments. Don't miss an opportunity to dine at the Flying Frog Café. The only problem will be deciding what to choose from the varied menu."
-Andria Scott Hurst, Southern Living, June 1999

"Located in the plush but windowless lower floor of the Haywood Park Hotel, the Flying Frog probably has the most eclectic menu in town. It's primarily German and Indian (reflecting Vijay's Shastri's heritage), with classic French cuisine and touches of Cajun, Italian, and Jamaican."-
-Arnold Wengrow, Attaché Magazine, Sept 2004

"Chef Vijay Shastri blends his Indian-German heritage and love of French food into a flavorful stew at his family's restaurant. The soup du jour was simple and exquisite-a meltingly tender, sweet cornmeal dumpling submerged in chicken broth seasoned with chili, garlic, and cilantro. The special of Scorpionfish On Blue Potato Pancake showcases the unusual and delicious fish, while Lamb Korma Zaffrani offers tender lamb chunks in a rich but not overpowering saffron-tomato curry cream sauce. This dish is comfort itself."
-Donna Florio, Southern Living-Oct 2004

"For a more eclectic menu, try Flying Frog Café on the corner of Haywood Street. The cuisine is continental mixed with German and urban Indian. How can you beat lamb, crab cakes and weiner snitzel?"
-Bruce Selcraig, Golf Magazine 2004

"When it's time to retire, check into the renovated landmark Haywood Park Hotel. It's also home to the Flying Frog Café and Wine Bar with an eclectic continental and urban Indian menu."
-Paula Crouch Thrasher-Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/16/2003

"The uniquely-named Flying Frog Cafe offers a truly unique, exquisite dining experience."
-Kelly Land, Attach Magazine 2005

"The cosmopolitan flavor can be sampled in expected place, like the appearance of Cuban Mojitos on the menu at the Flying Frog in nearby Asheville."
-Tim Henderson-Miami Herald, 2003

"The name of this restaurant brings a smile to your face and so will the food. The décor is simple: white linens and crystal serves as the backdrop for the artsy sculptures and contemporary paintings. But the food is the real star here. Fancy and complex, the menu offers an unusual combination of French, Cajun, and Indian cuisine. Start with a romantic creamy cheese fondue for two or, if romance is not in the cards, the garlicky Escargots Maison. For dinner, try the fragrant and delicious Bouillabaisse.", March 29, 2005

"Cuisine: French-Indian-Cajun. Specialties: char-broiled lamb chops with garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano and mint-and-apple sauce with rice and potato; filet mignon with spicy brown sugar-and rum sauce; coconut-curry shrimp with ginger, onion, garlic and peppers and yogurt raita, onion salat, nan and dahl."
-Andy Battaglia. Nations Restaurant News

"Flying Frog Café, a smartly decorated but informal spot across from the Civic Center, presents a varied menu that include bouillabaisse, etoufee, Indian curries, pasta and fondues."
-Andrew Collins-The Little Black Book, 2001

"I splurged on dinner at Asheville's Flying Frog Café, which serves German, Indian and French food. The Indian papadums and chicken curry were first-rate."
-Daisann Mclane, New York Times 2001 "

(A) New French restaurant has opened since my last visits. It's called the Flying Frog and serves up "Classic French" dishes with a Cajun kick"
-Marc Atchison, Toronto Star 2004